Hi, I’m Erin. Welcome to I Want to Bake!


By day I work as an engineer, behind a desk, in front of a computer. When I get home I spend my time in the kitchen baking up a storm or working on posts. This blog documents my journey through the world of baking, photography and a bit of travel at every opportunity I get.

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, with my boyfriend (let’s call him by his initials, ET – for real). We dream of one day having a house with a garden where we can have a Golden Retriever (mine) and Border Collie (his). For now I’m working on keeping my pot plants alive.

My baking training started when I was a little girl, baking choc-chip cookies from the Australian Women’s Weekly recipe books with my mom. I have no formal training, but I try to constantly challenge myself and try new things. I’ve found that even if things go horribly wrong, whatever comes out still tastes pretty good. Even if you’re too embarrassed to show anyone!

I bake in my little kitchen at home, using only a hand mixer. If anyone has a stand mixer they’re looking to get rid of, I’m more than happy to give it a home! Anyone can make what I make with very little equipment. I would recommend a cupcake pan, a 20cm cake tin and a hand mixer. That’s it!

I’d love to hear from you with any questions or constructive comments. Please email me at iwanttobake{at}gmail{dot}com.

My Blog

It all started not so long ago when I was introduced to the world of baking blogs by a friend of mine. Yes, I caught onto all of this really late in life. But hey, better late than never! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been baking since I was a kid. Baking blogs were something different. Within a month I had become consumed by the men and women who spend every day in the kitchen, documenting their adventures. And I knew I wanted to be one of them.

I started with a blogspot blog, that I’m pretty sure my mom and a small group of friends and family members read. I took photo’s with my iPhone and *blush* Instagram. Yes, shameless use of filters and fading. I soon realised that I wanted to do more. I wanted my blog more personalised. And so “I Want to Bake” was born!

The name came about through one of my most commonly used phrases. I would constantly tell boyfriend (let’s call him by his initials, ET – for real): “I want to bake this weekend”, or “We need to keep Tuesday night open ‘cause I want to bake”; or I’d show friends pictures and send them links: “I want to bake this”. Yes, I am that obsessed with baking.

I’m constantly looking for new ideas to try and new ways to challenge myself. I look for inspiration on other blogs, Pinterest and baking books.

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