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It all started not so long ago when I was introduced to the world of baking blogs by a friend of mine. Yes, I caught onto all of this really late in life. But hey, better late than never! Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been baking since I was a kid. Baking blogs were something different. Within a month I had become consumed by the men and women who spend every day in the kitchen, documenting their adventures. And I knew I wanted to be one of them.

I started with a blogspot blog, that I’m pretty sure my mom and a small group of friends and family members read. I took photo’s with my iPhone and *blush* Instagram. Yes, shameless use of filters and fading. I soon realised that I wanted to do more. I wanted my blog more personalised. And so “I Want to Bake” was born!

The name came about through one of my most commonly used phrases. I would constantly tell boyfriend (let’s call him by his initials, ET – for real): “I want to bake this weekend”, or “We need to keep Tuesday night open ‘cause I want to bake”; or I’d show friends pictures and send them links: “I want to bake this”. Yes, I am that obsessed with baking.

I’m constantly looking for new ideas to try and new ways to challenge myself. I look for inspiration on other blogs, Pinterest and baking books.

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