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Devil's Chocolate Cake |

Devil’s Chocolate Cake

Last week I said that I was trying to add more of the basics to my blog. My last attempt failed as I ended up with this three layer cake. This week I realised I failed again as I looked on at my two layer cake iced with ganache… Nevertheless …

Fluffer Nutter Cake |

Fluffernutter Cake

So it’s halloween today. Not a celebration I’ve ever gotten into in a big way. Something I have gotten into a big way: cake. Lately I’ve also fallen victim to the peanut butter and chocolate thing. My summer breakfast staple is this peanut butter and chocolate smoothie. Sometimes I make …

Lemon Bars |

Classic Lemon Bars

OMG I can’t believe I haven’t shared these with you! I was wandering through my image archive this week and stumbled across …