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{A New Favourite} Lemon Curd

I was introduced to lemon curd on a recent trip to Hillsnek safaris (read more about that here!) . I never thought my favourite tastes would venture far from chocolate. I strongly believe that fruit salad is not a dessert, it’s a breakfast! So I never thought a fruity dessert …

Oh SO Easy Passionfruit Souffle

Oh SO Easy Passionfruit "Souffle"

I say “soufflé“ and not soufflé, because this dessert isn’t technically a soufflé. It lacks the standard soufflé base of crème patissiere. It’s just a bit of cleverness with egg whites. But it looks just as impressive as a soufflé and takes about a tenth of the effort to make! …

White Chocolate Mousse with Lime

My favourite part of having friends over for dinner, besides quality time with friends, is the chance to make an awesome dessert. …