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Browned Butter Banana Bread | I Want to Bake

{No Nuts!} Browned Butter Banana Bread

I came to the realisation not so long ago that I have never made banana bread. Luckily, this coincided with a time that I found myself with a bag of overripe bananas. How serendipitous! I decided to try out two variations and today I’m sharing with you the first: brown …


{A New Favourite} Lemon Curd

I was introduced to lemon curd on a recent trip to Hillsnek safaris (read more about that here!) . I never thought …

Oh SO Easy Passionfruit Souffle

Oh SO Easy Passionfruit "Souffle"

I say “soufflé“ and not soufflé, because this dessert isn’t technically a soufflé. It lacks the standard soufflé base of crème patissiere. …